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14:30 - 17:30



Ayurveda for Peri – Menopausal women with Dr Ashish Paul

An Interactive workshop with Dr Ashish Paul Covering:

signs and symptoms of perimenopausal women
– an Ayurvedic/Holistic perspective on the subject
– correlation between your signs and symptoms and your personality type. How your personality type predispose you to certain signs and symptoms.

Dr Ashish Paul will share techniques through breathing, diet and lifestyle to practise at home through the perimenopausal years.

Attendees will be asked to fill out some forms and answer a few questions for a more tailored workshop.
About Dr Ashish Paul

Ashish Paul is the founder of Ashishveda©,© and Ashishveda Fertility©, Ayurveda clinics based in London, India and Europe.

Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurveda Physician (BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist (MSc Herbal Medicine).

Ashish’s mission is to bring awareness of the holistic benefits of using Ayurveda’s ancient natural practices alongside Western Herbal Medicine to cure and prevent chronic illness.

Ashish has a vast knowledge of Ayurveda herbs and their applied clinical uses and uses this knowledge to treat many factors including fertility, heart problems, changes in lifestyle and acute stress which are some of the most common causes of health related issues.

Ashish’s unique holistic approach cures the problems from the inside out and addresses and remedies all factors naturally and effectively.